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The TSR Jubilee cooking, baking & photo competition

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    (Original post by xbethany)
    A few of the biscuits we made...
    These look really cool!
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    Incredible entries, really really impressive.

    We struggled to pick even a top 3 :sad: But we did it, eventually.

    Here are out winners, along with a little explanation as to why your pics made it into the top 3!

    :king1: Damask- for their amazing street party picture. Such an old fashioned type picture that gives off such a good community feel. I don't know about your street, but can't expect a street party on that scale happens all too often!

    :king2: britchick's red arrows flyover. I don't think you could have taken a better picture, and is again a picture that tells a story. Excellent.

    :king2: woofimaduck's cakey goodies. What swung it for us was seeing it in action, with the kids tucking in at the street party. Another feel good set of snaps

    I'll be dropping our winners a PM for the vouchers in just a moment. But once again a huge thanks to everyone that entered and enjoyed the jubilee celebrations.

    Any suggestions for our next cooking/baking/photo comp??
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    Congratulations to all the winners! Some awesome baked goodies and all jubilley street scenes

    (Original post by CJ)
    Quite surprised that this one of mine didn't win:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-06-02 001 2012-06-02 006.jpg 
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Size:	363.3 KB 
ID:	156721

    It's an alternative angle to the celebrations....

    Someone said that those in charge wouldn't like it somehow.
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    Congrats to all the winners

    Next... a summer-themed one?

    Of course an Olympics one would be entirely fair because the ballots were all extremely fair and everyone got an equal number of tickets.

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    I'm loving the idea of a summer themed one! I can't wait til the sun comes out... that's certainly worth celebrating!
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    A summer theme would be great!

    Even if it isn't summer weather, we can still try to do summer things to try and encourage the sun out a bit more.
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    Congrats everyone!
    I think an Olympics one would be cool!

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Updated: June 19, 2012
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