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Edexcel GCE Spanish Unit 4 June 12th 2012 (Potential essay questions)

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    Getting the results for this soon.... :cry2:
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    (Original post by Doutzie)
    Getting the results for this soon.... :cry2:

    I so regret doing that question on genetically modified food now...
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    (Original post by alexsasg)

    I so regret doing that question on genetically modified food now...
    It was the only I could do!

    Did you see the grade boundaries? The oral ones are horrible, but written isn't too bad. Still think I got a B instead of an A though.... don't even want to think about the possibility of a C. :mad:
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    Got an A on the writing part, on La Casa de Bernarda Alba and the question about History, B on the oral and overall.
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    Got 60 on unit 3 and 102 on unit 4. Got an A overall so I'm happy
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    hey. sorry to bump an old thread, but i was wondering if anyone could give me any general tips. panicking as due to various reasons have missed out a lot of the year does anyone know what kind of questions they could ask you for the general topics such as technology? the questions seem so arbitrary don't know how to approach revision!
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    does anyone have any advice for the oral as well...not entirely sure, how the oral is set out...i know we do one research based one on a controversial topic, dno how the other ones work out!


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Updated: April 3, 2013
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