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What player do you hate and why

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    (Original post by chaza01)
    Drogba? Diver, but comes across as a nice chap.
    Purely as a footballer he is a disgrace. The main issue I have with him is that he is incredibly good but chooses to partake in the ugly parts of the game the diving cheating feigning injury and admitting he wished he punched a man utd player in the champions league final.
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    I have an irrational hatred of Gareth Barry. Why? No idea. But it's there.
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    Tal Ben Haim , how he left Bolton about 5 years was a joke.
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    (Original post by Ben,)
    I have an irrational hatred of Gareth Barry. Why? No idea. But it's there.
    It's strange because I've often watched Man City play and then at the end he gets Man of the Match and I genuinely never knew he was on the pitch.
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    Most of the QPR team.

    Rob Earnshaw - always scores against us (Leicester), has a **** celebration and is a right ugly mug!
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    Many, they get tapped on the shins and roll on the floor and cry like pussys
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    *I don't 'hate' any player, but I dislike a few;

    My Countdown;

    #10 - Balotelli
    #9 - Hazard
    #8 - Mascherano
    #7 - Hargeaves
    #6 - Barry
    #5 - Busquets
    #4 - Barton
    #3 - Suarez
    #2 - Diouf
    #1 - Tevez
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    got to be Hazard.
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    There are a few, most for none-football related reasons.

    Giggidy-giggidy Giggs, for what he did to his own family.

    Suarez for being a racist. No justification.

    Evra and French co. from the 2010 world cup for just being complete *****.

    Dani Alves and Busquets, should be in their olympic diving teams. Would win on style.

    Joey Barton. Doesn't need an explanation.

    Marcelo for just being a prick.



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