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Best route to medicine with poor grades?

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    Post grad is far more competitive than undergrad entry.
    I'd advise to resit your english and physics GCSE's
    apply to uni's who don't really care about GCSE's (check requirements)
    And if you don't get in do a Gap.
    I got 2A* 1A 6B's and a C so not amazing GCSE's like a lot of people on here do, but I still got in this year after a gap and working within the NHS.
    Also nursing is competitive in it's own right.
    And there's no funding for postgrads.
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    (Original post by Janew9)
    So basically I didn't do my best in school with my GCSE'S;

    A* ICT
    B Maths
    B English Lit
    B Chem
    B Biology
    C English language
    C Geography

    U Physics

    but i pulled it around with my A levels getting AAA in Chem, Bio, History.

    So knowing my GCSE are not up to scratch which route would be the best for me to get into medicien, preff in Cardiff or Swansea?

    Look into Queens Belfast.
    EDIT: Only if you have achieved grades and apply to them on a gap year.
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    (Original post by Saint Joker)
    did you have a reason for doing so few GCSES and getting fairly average grades? if so make sure all prospective uni's know!!! if not... im sorry but i think you'd be letting yourself in for upset. universities get so many applications and they're all as good as each other, so they head for GCSEs to distinguish... unless you can make that personal statement fantastic, id go for a biochem course. wonderfully interesting, and not so much stick towards the GCSEs.... sorry if a sound harsh. its what girls at my school have been told and were talking about some of the best candidates in the country, theve been rejected due to a B at GCSE Latin! totally irrelevant to medical courses, but these uni's look at the grades.....
    i'm not trying to be mean im sorry if this is insulting or anything, i mean no offense, its just the situation ive been exposed to, involving candidates with 12 A* GCSE and 2A 2A* Alevels...
    For many unis this year A*s made not difference to their selection process, I have one and every uni I applied to said they currently ignore A*s.

    OP check out the wiki page about GCSE requirements on this site.

    Not every uni is obsessed with grades, some are, but it's only part of the picture you need to apply carefully, get a good UKCAT and a very good PS.
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    (Original post by Saint Joker)
    also, having a bio chem degree before going into medicine will help amazingly, so maybe go for that degree for three years and then go for the medicine choices available?
    It might help you with the course, but it's far harder to get in as a graduate than as a school leaver. It also costs an absolute fortune.
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    Because of your U in physics.... Im not sure.

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