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Considering a career with McDonalds - advice??

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    Might sound stupid, but considering a career with McDonalds/fast food.

    I've heard the stories of people joining as Crew Members and working their way up to managers positions pretty quickly which would be good. I like dealing with customers and being in fast paced environments so it does look to be a good option.

    But there's still that doubt in my mind, that 'it's McDonalds' and isn't a full time job.

    What to do?
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    Each to their own, so it's difficult to say. However I'd personally advise you to think of it more as a stepping stone to something better. That said, McDonalds is obviously a huge company which I'm sure has lots of fantastic positions, but I don't personally believe working within the actual restaurant would be very fulfilling.
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    mcdonalds once you get past frier jockey or burger monkey and it to management is very well paid
    from what I hear, so I say go for

    skills you will gain
    working to set targets
    mass volume
    there are many more and you can move to what is seen as a better class of high volume establishment
    and on to area management or corporate
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    First, you need to get a crewmember job there. Then you need to like it enough to want to get good at it - all of it. You then need to get good at it. Then you tart to think whether there is a future you might want to go for.

    I've worked for them and have a couple of friends who are management. They worked damned hard and put in a lot of hours, but none of them thought anything of a career until they had worked there and got to understand the basics. Take it one step at a time and get a job there first before you plan on running the show.


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