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How many GCSE's did you take/ are you taking?

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Find the answers: Edexcel GCSE maths unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    I ended up with 14 GCSE grades, including short course RE, and AS General Studies
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    I took 12 GCSE's including 2 functional skills and the FSMQ.
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    14 + OCR Nationals ICT + "BTEC Workskills" (I still doubt it's really a subject )
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    I took Maths (compulsory), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language (compulsory), English Literature (compulsory), IGCSE Maths, Statistics, French, History, Religious Studies (compulsory), ICT (compulsory), PE (compulsory) and Health and Social Care (Technology subject compulsory). I took 15 GCSE's in total, I did my RE, Maths GCSE and a few others in year 10 though and only did 11 in year 11. I remember achieving 5A*'s, 4A's and 2B's x
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    I took 11
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    I did a gazillion GCSEs
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    9 and 1 BTEC (totally regret this)

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    11 GCSEs, 1 BTEC and 1 OCR National

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    10 GCSEs
    +ASDAN C.O.P.E
    +ESB level 2
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    10 GCSEs - at my school we're given no choice - has to be 10, no more, no less
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    15 GCSEs and the dreaded welsh bacc which is equivalent to three...:hmmm:
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    10 at full course and 2 short course (so I guess that's 11?)
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    I'm doing 8 but it's all in one year, and that's it!
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    (Original post by izpenguin)
    8. It's all my school would let me do.
    This. I took 8 which got me worried since I wanted to do dentistry lol.
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    I did 15 and a half gcse's looking back now it was a bit extreme...
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    13 - English Language, English Literature, Welsh Language, Welsh Literature, French, Psychology, Music, Leisure and Tourism (double award so 2 GCSEs), Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths (a year early).
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    (Original post by HerRoyalPickaxe)
    I'm doing 11 and ECDL and Additional Maths, too Tho ECDL was a complete waste of time.
    I know right, i wished I didn't have to do ECDL now becuase it wasted two lessons for me each week in my opinion, plus my school are axeing it off the sylabus next year so it can't be that important :/
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    Im doing 13 + intermediate asset french + advanced asset french o_O
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    I did 11 GCSEs and an AS in year 11


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