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How many GCSE's did you take/ are you taking?

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    (Original post by RebeccaTenney)
    I'm at college now and no one is interested in GCSE's, my sister currently doing hers. Because the amount they're making her take she is just giving up. GCSE students need a life as well as school
    Absolutely! Good Luck with your studies
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    I'm doing 15 GCSE's plus the other exams like functional maths, ALAN, this year I'm doing 10 GCSE's i did 5 in year 9-10.
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    10. It was the minimum.. and I never do more than the minimum
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    10 GCSEs, 1 BTEC (compulsory) and an FSMQ in Add Maths (providing I get an A overall in my GCSE, which it looks like I'm going to)
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    I did 11 in total
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    English Language, English Literature, Additional Science, Core Science, Maths, IT, Religous studies and Citizenship, then you have your three options, I picked History, Spanish and Hospitatlity and catering (one subject). That's 11, but you also have the option to do full course GCSE's for Citizenship and Religous Studies, which basically gives you more exams but a more respected GCSE at the end of it, my school does PE but we don't get a qualification out of that.
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    I've got Maths, English Language, English Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, French, Geography, Art, Ict, Maths(IGCSE), 1/2 RE and 1/2 ICT

    I also did P.E early, then there's all the Alan Tests, PFL and Functional Skills which every one has I think

    So full ones I Have 13
    I'd have 15 and 1/2 if i added them all together I think?
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    Nine. It was the min/max at my school unless you took an after school course in law or additional mathematics.
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    I did 16 GCSE's, an AS level and some equivalent things. Its not helped me at college, as long as you have english and maths and a selection of others they are happy
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    (Original post by star10159)
    Do 500, thats what all the cool kids are doing.

    I'm doing 12 GCSEs but two of them are RE And I'm doing Additional Maths as well

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    11 plus a diploma in ict!
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    14 GCSEs, 4 early.
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    11! And I thought I had it bad!


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