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maintanace loan

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    i have applied for a student finance maintanance loan and they give 3706. i realised that i am living at home and wondering will i really need the loan?

    i read that you can go online and change the amount you want (i havent sent the declaration form back yet)

    i took the loan hoping that they would give a grant and then the loan would seem okay, however this does not show anywhere on the forms.
    I add the university is a bus away, and i work as well

    should i ring and ask them to take the maintanance loan off?
    considering uni is already 9000 a year and not the typical 3000?

    please help

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    Firstly consider what you could use the money for to put yourself in a better position. Are you likely to want a mortgage, need a car or be taking out a commercial loan for any other reason in the future? If so take the loan money, put it in savings if you don't need it and then use it to make mortgage repayments or other loan repayments cheaper. This will work out better as commercial loans have higher rates of interest and you have to pay everything back regardless of what you earn, whereas with the student loans if you don't manage to pay back £27k over your working life then that loan is free money, and if not it's money that has saved you money on a mortgage/other commercial borrowing which is still good.
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