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    Hey guys!

    Im Rich - Off to study Archaeology at Peterborough in September, from Birmingham!

    Im 22, so not sure if that puts me in the mature student realm >.<!
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!

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    Here's a bit of advice.. use clearing.. go to another university.
    I will also give you a list of reasons.
    1) Search peterborough on urban dictionary for a very specific outline of the city.
    2) The nightlife is extremely poor. I imagine that even the bouncers themselves cry in their sleep in the mornings.
    3) The women are unbelievably either high maintanence or just too stupid to know real things.
    4) You're lectures would be taking place half the time at prc.. the local college of peterborough , right across the road. I cannot describe the college positively.

    I speak as a local. I have been living here for 9 years. Save yourself. If it sounds like you'll be fine , good luck
    Although, there is one good thing , If you are doing Archaeology, you'll get Bob. He is boss. The real deal. The big man. The dude is literally awesome in a package.


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