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pain in my chest- left side

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    when i breathe my left side has this sharp pain. (it feels like trapped wind?) except its been there for a while now.

    does anyone know what it could be?

    i excercise a lot.

    i used to smoke weed, but not tobacco- dont know if its come from that? it sort of starts below my boob and all the way up to the top- (but obvs inside not on my actual breast) more the lung?
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    Probably just a pulled/strained muscle. I wouldn't worry too much unless it's combined with other issues/pains.
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    Maybe pleurisy?. I had a sharp pain under my ribcage and also shooting pains over my shoulder and down my arm and assumed it was trapped wind/indigestion. When it got worse I called my doctor and she sent me to the hospital where pleurisy was diagnosed. It comes back quite regularly for hours or days, but at least now I know what it is Go to the doctor just in case.


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