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Best/Worst Rock/Metal albums this year:

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    Im gonna start off saying best metal album is Resolution by Lamb of God.
    Worst is King of Metal by Blaze Bayley

    what are yours? Recommendations?
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    'Portal of I' by Ne Obliviscaris

    Haven't heard anything I've disliked this year.
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    I've liked:
    Napalm death - utilitarian
    cannibal corpse - torture
    anneke van giersbergen - everything is changing

    and I am REALLY looking forward to the new album by the gathering, and Delain's new one.
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    I second Portal Of I.

    I'm currently waiting for my Ne Obliv t-shirt to arrive
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    (Original post by Drunk Punx)
    I second Portal Of I.

    I'm currently waiting for my Ne Obliv t-shirt to arrive
    How much was it?
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    The D are back!!!!!! That is all.
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    (Original post by Betacra)
    How much was it?

    Last two left (they've slowed down a lot. I ordered mine last week and there was 9 left when I ordered). Go go go!

    Edit: That's with the CD too.

    Just the t-shirt is here: http://www.auralwebstore.com/store/p...id_product=536
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    I'm a personal fan of "Few Against Many", by Firewind.
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    I'm really liking Apocalyptic Love by Slash ATM

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    So far, I've liked Eluveitie's 'Helvetios' and Lyriel's 'Leverage'.


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Updated: June 2, 2012
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