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Should the UK pull out of Eurovision?

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    So does Susan Boyle, but we don't want her on Eurovision.
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    If we pull out we will look like bad losers, the only way to pull out and to not look like that would be if you were near the top. Yeah its embarrassing as we always lose and it costs lots however its a laugh. There are lots of other stuff the government could cut easily but don't want to.
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    (Original post by foodnom)

    it's ridiculous how much money we put into it....during a recession we should have other priorities rather than coming last in a politically based contest.
    Well unless you propose that the BBC show absolutely nothing during the 8 or so hours that Eurovision is on (final + 2 semi-finals), they will have to pay for some other content instead which would probably cost a similar amount and get less viewers. By comparison, the BBC paid £22million for The Voice which by the end was only getting about half the number of viewers that the Eurovision final got.

    Plus if we weren't in Eurovision, we would have one less opportunity to show off our superiority complex where we feel we have the divine right to win every competition we enter every time we enter it.
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    They should pull out the EU.
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    (Original post by Clare~Bear)
    I think Eng/Scot/Wal should enter separately. At least we could vote for each other then.

    Although England would probably vote for the other two, but they wouldn't vote for us :moon: nobody likes England.
    No because that's just feeding into the competition being all about politics and relations, something it is trying to pull away from.
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    My Twitter feed suggests only gays watch it. So if we want to win we need an artist who appeals to gays. Maybe we should get One Direction on there.
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    Maybe we should start embracing the European spirit and send out a pouting girl jigging about in a slightly too short skirt as our entry :sexface:
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    What are your thoughts?
    I assume you mean the Song Contest because if we pull out of Eurovision itself, you can say goodbye to Euro 2012 and most European sports and news coverage.
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    Nah, it's fun :awesome: The reason we came second to last this year is purely because of Engelbert, I don't really blame people for not voting.

    To be honest, if we want to win we will have to succumb to European OTT dance music for the next entry. It is the only thing that seems to do well on there.
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    I always look forward to Eurovision simply because it is just so ridiculous. It is definitely entertaining and Europe take it pretty seriously. We're not the only country to consider this thought because France once pulled out as it was 'distasteful'. I think people get wound up because it's so political but it doesn't really matter. We're not a country that needs/wants to host it so we might as well just enjoy it.

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    to who ever said have a refferendum on it ... seirously? its a bloody music show its not like it affects any of us in any way ...
    keep it its a good bit of fun between mostly european nations ... beats the voice anyway :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by Hopple)
    How much do we put in?
    Apparently, about £170,000 each contest. Which doesn't seem a lot for how big it is, and the fact we get an automatic place in the finals
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    (Original post by MrRockerDuck)
    Apparently, about £170,000 each contest. Which doesn't seem a lot for how big it is, and the fact we get an automatic place in the finals
    Hmm, that's not bad. How much does the BBC pay to show it though? It must be quite a bit because they dedicate a lot of time to it.
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    In 2011, The United Kingdom came 11th. In 2009, The United Kingdom came 5th. Just because we haven't won it in a few years, doesn't mean we shouldn't enter it.
    I have to admit, Politics is a factor on where points are given, but it doesn't decide who the winner is. Think about it, Has Sweden been involved in any important European politics this year? Was Azerbaijan last year? I didn't think so. Fair enough, Countries may vote for their neighbors, but that may be due to reasons beyond control. Serbia and Montenegro used to be one country, so someone living in Serbia may have family in Montenegro. Someone living in the UK may have been born in Ireland. Politics doesn't decide the winner, if it did, wouldn't the same country win every year wouldn't it?
    The UK has come second more times that any other country (11 times) and has come first five times, which is the second most number of times, behind Ireland's seven.
    Also, There's a reason why the UK came last. Comparing our song to Sweden's, which is more current and is more likely to sell around Europe? If we sent someone current and successful from the UK, i.e. Adele, Tulisa, Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, Jesse J ect. We may actually win. Fair enough, we sent Blue last year, but they did better than what the UK normally does, but if we sent someone current (like the people mentioned above) WITH a current song, i.e. Domino by Jesse J, we could win.

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    (Original post by Hopple)
    Hmm, that's not bad. How much does the BBC pay to show it though? It must be quite a bit because they dedicate a lot of time to it.
    I don't know tbh. Compared to shows such as Strictly, The Voice, even Eastenders, that's pretty good!
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    Yes. Its a waste of time and money. I dont care about some barbaric foreign acts and it sure aint worth the my hard earned money
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    No it's funny to watch!! The others enter all these crap cheesy dance tracks and make out like its the world cup, and we get to laugh at them!

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    No they shouldn't pull out they should just start entering appropriate songs. Every year we sing an awful slow ballad or something just completely dull, the songs that are successful are nearly some cheesy dance number; if we tried are hand at that it would probably go down well. Honestly, they can't do any worse can they? So why not give it a try.


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Updated: June 12, 2012
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