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Best way to approach girls in clubs/Best chat up lines :)

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    Ask her to dance with you~! At least, I won't turn down any guy who asks for a dance and none of my friends would either.
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    (Original post by scaredofexams)
    Please tell me how our minds work. I am genuinely really intrigued now
    Players exploit jealousy in girls sometimes.
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    I once went to a DJ concert and a guy asked me if I would like for him to 'spin me on his decks' or something along those lines.

    Not a good idea.
    This was after he asked me if I would 'do' the DJ myself and later on went onto how he wouldn't mind doing the DJ.

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    howz it going shawty? can i buy you a drink?
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    hey shawty howz it going? want me to buy you a drink?
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    Just be yourself rock up to her an just be like " Haya... I just met you , and this is crazy, but heres my number...so call me maybe?"

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    howz it going shawty? can i buy you a drink?
    chicks will dig being called "shwaty" :cool:
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    (Original post by angelstie16)
    hey shawty howz it going? want me to buy you a drink?
    Two problems;

    - NEVER buy a girl a drink. Ever.

    - Location: Chicago
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    Memorise exactly the whole plumbing layout of the building then walk up to her and start explaining it in detail, I guarantee she will be interested. If she gives you a weird look it means she wants the chat up to progress to the city-wide sewage system. Be persistent. If she runs away follow her, it means your sewage system talk has worked and she wants to have sex with you and is making her way to a private area as quickly as possible for you two to ****.
    You keep doing this and the guys will be so jealous of your mad skillz that they'll call the police to arrest you as it is their only way to compete with you.
    Good luck.
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    'chat up lines' don't work g. nice clothes, nice scent, nice haircut. don't get too ****ed if you want to score as you'll make an idiot of yourself and even if you do you may well have floppy issues when things cut to the chase. also don't offer to buy girls drinks, firstly that shows you're gagging for it and secondly chances are she'll take the drink then **** off and you won't see her again. just eye contact, smile, then go dance with her. also i'd normally take a friend over cause girls don't like to look 'easy' in front of their friends and also friends can esily cockblock you so i find going over to a couple of girls with a friend or two works best. if you're not a natural dancer the best place to talk to girls is deifnitely the smoking area or whatever. and don't aim too out of your league (unless she's paralytic in which case go for it). and just remember to have a laugh and enjoy it, if youpull then good on ya but if not thre'll be hundreds of other nights! you're there to have fun so don't get broken hearted if a bird flips you off, just have a drink and a laugh with your friends. happy hunting!
    (christ i sound like an agony aunt)
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    Say how nice they look.E.g "That dress looks really nice on you"


    say anything dirty
    grind up on them
    if she says no once don't try again
    Pinch their bum (I elbowed the last person that did this to me)
    have a stupid chat up line
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    (Original post by fennell123456)
    chicks will dig being called "shwaty" :cool:
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    (Original post by Aisha~~)
    Two problems;

    - NEVER buy a girl a drink. Ever.

    - Location: Chicago

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    Actions speak better than words, especially in clubs. On that note, whip your cock out, she'll get the gist of where your going.
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    look anxious and nervous and stare at the dance floor with your drink in your hand
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    'Hi, I'm Steed Malbranque . . .'
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    NEVER EVER EVER EVER buy a girl a drink in a club. Only exceptions are family, girlfriend/wife, co-workers and friends


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Updated: June 2, 2012
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