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Made an error on my application

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    The error made was about my parents marital status, and i was having problems logging in to my parents accounts. My sister decided to save time by stating that i did not have to put in both parents only one, seeing as they both dont work. So she confirmed the marital status as "separated" because I could only log on to my dads account. Seeing as she's going to graduate this year, I assumed that it would all go well and I submitted the application. Once i logged on to my dads account and filled it all out.... I got to the end were it stated "proof of marital status". *insert dramatic music here*

    This thread is not to ask you guys on how to correct this.... i already know (PFF2 form and cover letter explaining my mistake) but the real question is, as my application will now be processed after the deadline is there a chance that i wont get my tuition loan on time???

    Theres no way I'd be able to stump up £9K and the maintenance fees.

    Thanks in advance.:confused:
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    Phone them up, they'll advise you on what to do, I had a similar problem, they cleared it up for me.

    say nuffin
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    (Original post by Alakamind)
    Phone them up, they'll advise you on what to do, I had a similar problem, they cleared it up for me.

    say nuffin
    Yeah i did, the dude just said that "you'll most probably" recieve it on time. What happens if i dont?
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    Then you just recieve it soon after bro


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Updated: May 31, 2012
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