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Hello my fellow students!

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    Hey, hey!

    Well, it is coming to that stressful time of the year. The time were my head lives in the book, I see, hear and breathe nothing but A-Level and it is a sprint to the finish line to enjoy the summer ahead! So what a better time to join The Student Room!

    Ok, that was a cheesy opening. Pfft, English language student syndrome! Anyway, my name is Kat and I'm currently studying A-Level to hopefully get a university place! *Fingers crossed*

    My interests include the typical student likes. Playing on my x-box (Another reason why I'm excited to get exams out the way. My beloved Skyrim), chilling, hanging around with friend. Maybe something a bit more interesting is that I like to write short stories and blog. I like drama and I'm currently attending Halewood Youth Theatre.
    I don't want to babble on. If you would like to know anything else just ask! That is how the best information is always found

    Anyway, time for the real purpose for why I am here! How are you all coping with your exams? It doesn't matter if you are GCSE, A-Level or degree level - it is always nice to get a mixed opinion on things and I'm interested to hear from other students on the site!

    Alright, I'm babbling even more now. Hope to hear from some of you
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    Hey there!

    Where are you hoping to study?
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    I hope to go to Liverpool John Moores University to study English and Creative Writing. My brother went there and I quite a few people who I look up to also studied at the Uni so I think I'll jump on the band wagon. Beside's on the open days it was amazing!

    How about you?
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    Thank you Jubba!
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!

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    That sounds cool :-) creative writing! Are you writing anything at the moment? I'm an aspiring novelist :-)

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