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Summer Songs?

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    What are some good summer songs, im hoping the weather will pick up and im going on holiday soon Some real happy tunes!

    So far i have 3 from just skimming my library:
    - Mr E's beautiful blues by Eels
    - Daylight by Matt & Kim
    - Mr Blue sky by ELO

    Thanks in advance
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    Mr Blue Sky is a classic :cool:
    I tend to break out The Fratellis, The Killers and Steriogram (little-known but awesome) during the summer, not all their songs necessarily relate to the weather etc but they're all fairly upbeat and have the right kind of sound about them, compared to a lot of the other stuff I listen to.
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    Loreen - Euphoria
    Can Bonomo - Love me back
    Labrinth - Let the sun shine
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    Sadly murdered in a recent M&S advert :shifty:
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    Summer Breeze - Isley Brothers
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    gonna be the soundtrack to my summer
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    (Original post by Beleg Cuthalion)
    this is allot!
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    Mr Blue Sky is definitely my favourite summer song; it always puts me in a good mood

    How about this one by Louis Armstrong & Dave Brubeck?
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    Rascal Flatts - Summer Nights
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    Deep Purple - Hush.
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    Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap.
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    Gaslight Anthem aside, it looks as though I've just taken the songs from a Tarantino soundtrack. I haven't, it's just coincidence

    Oh, and:

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    Dodgy - Stayin' out for the Summer
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    The Doors - Waiting for the Sun

    An album but great summer music.
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    Anything by Best Coast, in particular Summer Mood. Going to see them on the 20th!
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    'You! Me! Dancing!' by Los Campesinos
    '2 Trees' by Foals
    'Wreckin' Bar Ra Ra Ra' by The Vaccines


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Updated: July 13, 2012
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