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Breasts get super itchy when it's hot

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    I've had eczema all my life (on my hands, backs of knees especially) but since last year I started getting eczema on my breasts. I find it's worst when the weather gets hot, and over the past week, it's been especially bad. The skin on and around my breasts looks like a cat has scratched them, and where the skin is raw and bleeding it feels sore. I've tried e45 cream, but if anything it's made it worse.
    It's possible the skin is itching because it's stretching (my boobs seem to get saggier every year (although my weight tends to stay fairly constant).
    Not sure what to do.
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    Hey. I also get eczema on my arms when I am stressed but E45 always does the trick for me. If this isn't working and you are worried I agree with "doughnuts!!" perhaps you should see a doctor. I'm sure they could resolve the problem simply.
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    I've had exzema since I was born too, and i'd recommend going to the doctor and he might give you a steroid cream. I've found that when my elbows flare up (the inside bit, not sure what that's called) using Eumovate for a few days clears it up and stops the redness and itchiness and then I just use another prescription moisturiser called Doublebase to keep it away. Eumovate also helps when my hands get aggravated by the chemicals I use at work
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    You poor thing Go to a doctor!
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    If you ever need a tit itcher, I'm your man.
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    (Original post by philistine)
    If you ever need a tit itcher, I'm your man.
    such a LAD.

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    I've been getting eczema on my arms lately, think it could partly be stress with work and/or a different reaction to hayfever. I've changed my shower gel to a nivea for men moisturising one, scrub with a rough flannel to get rid of the skin and been putting sudocrem or e45 on straight after. Seems to be doing the job! If you've tried stuff like that try get your GP to refer you to a dermatologist.


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