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    Hello, well I think I have a personal or a common problem, am not sure. Basically whenever a person or I do something or say something, I imagine whatever was said in it's extreme form and even though I would never ever do it but as soon as I imagine it, my head automatically turns to point the finger and just because I imagined it, then my mind accuses me because of the fact that I allowed myself to imagine this, also accusing me of enjoying it and just by imagining it, it means I will go and play out this act even though I am sure that I never will. Tired of these accusations...it makes me feel proper crap and anxious and stressed:mad::mad::mad:.Example would be like once I saw a police car, and thought of them arresting someone, my mind made it out like it would be me just because I imagined it and I would for sure do something which will get me caught. All of this just by looking at the car.

    I will appreciate serious answers, because it might sound weird and that but put yourself in my shoes, the agony to go through this is unbelievable.
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    Wow, this sounds like it makes life awkward, I hope you're okay!
    Have you ever considered seeing a psychiatrist? I think they could help you.
    I think I understand what you mean, but I think you need to find some way of convincing yourself that it's silly and that it's not going to happen, and I think a professional would be really useful to you in this.
    If not, I suggest talking to a friend/relative/anyone about it every time you feel like this, so that they could help you realise that the thoughts are irrational.
    I hope you can work past this


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