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Job Offer - Advice needed regarding AAT!

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    (Original post by M1011)
    Is this an estimate based on previous years or have you been told the salary for this August by someone? I'd be very interested to know if you have factual info on this
    I used to work for Deloitte so it is fact. This is the London salary though.
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    (Original post by iSMark)
    I used to work for Deloitte so it is fact. This is the London salary though.
    Cool, I'm joining Deloitte London but it does vary between years. Was 27.5 last year apparently but expecting it to have increased a little. Hopefully 28
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    Just thought I'd post an update!

    Against your advice, really stupidly, I took the job I thought it would be good for experience. And now, within 2 days I have quit the job and gone back to the sales job I had before on a hell of a lot less hours.

    They basically took me in and left me at a desk without any training. They blamed this on a "restructuring" of desks and I would be trained properly at some point.. but the whole office was completely disorganised and I was suffering panic attacks having to go back in on both the days. I soon got the feeling that this certainly was not a graduate job and found no other graduates around me (apart from one who was leaving because they never progress and treat her like a receptionist!!). I guess thats a lesson learned...

    I couldn't go in everyday feeling as bad as I did..
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    Don't worry, you will get over it. You are lucky to have got your old job back. These days, there is always a replacement! Next time, dig deeper.


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Updated: July 25, 2012
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