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failed my practical test twice.. bleuguguheugdfsubhdjnf

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    yeah so i failed twice and its so longgggggggggg till another test its so annoying and if it hadn't been for one car i would have parrrrrrsed anyone else feeling the burn?
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    Its a pisstake eh? but oh well thats the way it goes, i'm sure you'll do better next time! Just one major?
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    Don't worry.

    How did you fail? What did that car do that you feel contributed to it?
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    Yeah i had like 2 minors and yeah just the one major, well i should of waited for this random car zooming round a corner but next time!!!!! the waiting list is sooooo long though, i keep refreshing for cancellations
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    Got my 3rd soon, first two had such picky instructors! Kinda not too bothered if I pass or not this time, which is good I guess because ill be more relaxed when the time comes to take the test.
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    Yeah I think its probably better having a few tries so you relax into it, the only annoying thing is the money each time
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    Don't worry, you'll get it eventually at least now you know what to expect. To be honest, the only reason I passed my test was because I got piss easy show me tell me questions and a turn in the road for my manoeuvre (the only one I can do perfectly).

    And I know what you mean about the money. My parents had to pay for my test because I couldn't afford it. I'm really glad I passed the first time.
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    I remember taking my test, my foot was going crazy cos I was shaking so badly, trying to put my foot on the clutch and it was just going up and down massively...

    Somehow passed but only just, got a fair few minors.

    A lot of it depends on your test person I suppose, they can be complete chiefs just looking to fail you at the first opportunity or be a bit understanding...
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    (Original post by gupta-mhm-mhm-mhm)
    Yeah I think its probably better having a few tries so you relax into it, the only annoying thing is the money each time
    a few tries = lol
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    (Original post by tans8701)
    a few tries = lol
    lol indeed im BMF
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    It's fine my dear, I already got international license for 9 years and failed twice now ;/
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    You can't really blame the other car for you failing ... But anyway, good luck next time.
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    Chin up, I've failed three times now haha. My nerves just get the better of me.
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    (Original post by medic86)
    It's fine my dear, I already got international license for 9 years and failed twice now ;/

    PS: try wearing a skirt when going to the next test ;p
    This isn't the first time you've said this. You must think you're hilarious.
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    the best drivers fail afew times
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    Haha, I'm in the same position, I've failed my test twice. Really annoying! Going to get my exams over and then hopefully will be able to pass at some point before July so I can visit my friends over the summer holidays!
    It's so annoying that I've not passed yet but I really am a terrible driver...


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