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Girls, why do you wear..

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    vans/trainers without socks?

    epecially in the summer
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    These questions keep me awake at night

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    I have to wear trainer socks with my Converse. Even though I've worn them in, I still get blisters. Especially when it's hot due to the friction. Wouldn't even think about wearing no socks with them, my feet would be messed up!

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    i always wear socks with mine, not only does it hurt my feet but it makes my shoes smell yuk ! >.<
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    oops sorry i'll alert the rest and we'll get it sorted
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    I'd never wear my converse without socks, but that's largely because if I did, they'd fall off my feet - I need the socks to help fill out the shoe!
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    Sometimes I'll put a certain colour sock on and it will look stupid so I try to put a matching or non-clashy colour sock on. If I'm wearing shorts I'll go with pushed down heel socks, and long pants it doesn't really matter.
    They rub without though.
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    If the socks just don't go, I'll wear them with tights. I've never worn them barefoot.
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    I only do when I'm wearing cropped trousers. Otherwise I have to wear socks, because shoes hurt my bare feet :sigh:
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    I never wear vans or converse without socks or tights - I wasn't aware girls did :/
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    I wasn't aware of this, I always wear socks with my vans as do my friends!
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    ...Why does it matter?
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    (Original post by sarahthegemini)
    I'd never wear my converse without socks, but that's largely because if I did, they'd fall off my feet - I need the socks to help fill out the shoe!
    Or get a smaller shoe size?
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    i always wear socks with my vans and my converse. if i dont it hurts your feet because they rub on your feet and it also makes your trainers smell if you dont wear socks with them, especially when its hot in summer. even when i wear cut-offs/shorts i still wear socks, i just fold the socks down so they dont peak over the top of the shoe (when wearing converse) or i wear tights with them instead.
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    What difference will it make you to you if they were socks or barefoot? get a life please.
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    i like the 'no socks' look
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    I get blisters if I don't wear socks with any kind of shoes other than sandals.
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    Mate, if I'm wearing shorts in summer I'll go skate shoes + no socks :yy:

    Forget short leg-wear and socks :nn: Think I'd rather be sick
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    My socks do this strange thing where they keep on disappearing.
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    I don't own Vans or trainers but I always wear socks with my Converse... they're really uncomfortable without.


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