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To people here who feel like outsiders

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    I am sure some of us have felt this way. Many people here predicted to get 7, 8 9, A*'s. But then you think to yourself, I will be lucky to get 2 A*s! Or I am not sure if I will be getting any A*s at all? Or I am barely scraping A's and B's in my subjects?

    Don't feel disheartened. I used to feel that way. For a start, remember TSR reflects a small percentage of the population. TSR is much more likely to attract people who are very into their academic work, as that is the general point of the site.

    As long as you achieve YOUR personal best, that is all that matters. Regardless of how many A*s, if you put the work in in Sixth Form, you WILL get into Uni and do what you want.


    EDIT: If you can neg, but can't comment, then you are just rude
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    Well said :cool:
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    Do you like mentos, OP?
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    (Original post by Above.The.Empyrean)
    Do you like mentos, OP?
    Don't mind them, why?
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    Finally someone has said it! At school, my grades are probably in the top twenty and even the academic people in my year are amazed by them. Then I come on here and feel like I've got no hope in life whatsoever, and it makes me feel like my grades are worthless.
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    (Original post by Coke1)
    Don't mind them, why?

    Carouse in the vivacity, my adjutant.
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    I felt like that a bit with my boyfriend's college friends, he goes to a prestigious grammar school whereas I just went to a normal school & college. They're mostly A* students now in top universities and I always felt stupid and as though they looked down on me.

    I did well in my GCSE's though (7 A's) and in my A levels (ABC), so just don't compare yourself, if you get the grades you want and you can achieve things with them, that's all that matters
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    I think the big word here is "predicted"; no one knows exactly what they are getting anyway!
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    I think a lot of people think very very highly of themselves around the GCSE area. You will notice A-Level people on this site saying how difficult things are but GCSE is all "18 A* Grades and I didn't even study. So easy!"

    Take all the grades and scores people generally predict here with a pinch of salt - or a full shaker of salt in some cases
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    (Original post by burgerrr)
    I think the big word here is "predicted"; no one knows exactly what they are getting anyway!
    Not true, some people seem pretty confident they will get mainly A*s.Most people don't know EXACTLY, but most have a rough idea, from coursework, our results from other modules etc. Don't get me wrong, that's great if someone gets that. I am not knocking someone who does, but the point of this thread was to reinforce the message to not feel hopeless if you aren't going to be getting 8 A*s, and that you can and will still be successfull.
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    All i was saying is that some people expecting "worse" results could well be pleasantly surprised. Predicted results are issued at the start of GCSE years, and might not be a true representation of ones ability anyway.

    And as you were saying, even if they are not 8A*s, it really doesn't dictate your future as much as people make out.
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    Obvious rep whore.
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    Would I be restricted in goin to some unis with 3A*s, 5As, and 4Bs?
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    (Original post by aWildPidgey)
    Would I be restricted in goin to some unis with 3A*s, 5As, and 4Bs?
    Not really to be honest. Work hard in the sixth form, get As, and have a great personal statement. Plus you need to have some interests to talk about Because uni's DO care a lot about what other stuff you do than study.

    With good A-Level grades, you can definatley go to a highly respected uni.
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    OP is right, you shouldn't get discouraged from the results you see here. Instead, use it to improve your results. Say to yourself "If so many people can get such good results, why wouldn't I be able to get the same?"

    I personally have increased my targets and doubled my efforts since TSR
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    (Original post by DJMayes)
    Not if you want to get into Birmingham to do Medicine; just saying.
    Ok maybe the most prestigious courses at the MOST prestigious Uni's like Medicine at Birmingham or Oxford, you do need a good set of A*s for GCSE

    BUT for the most part, someone who doesn't have a whole string of A*s for GCSE can still get into a good uni. I personally know people at UCL, LSE who weren't getting near 8 A*s at GCSE...
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    I feel very disheartened, everyone on TSR (and even at school) feel really confident after they've done their exams. Their predicted grades are amazing.

    Although, I've tried my hardest and revised, I always feel uncertain and anxious after I've done an exam. I'm not an A* student at all and the only subject that I was confident that I'd get an A was Religious Studies, I feel like I'm lucky enough to scrape a C despite revising so much for the subject.

    I keep getting dreams about my exams getting lost and therefore ungraded and feeling very sad on Results Day. I keep on worrying that something will go terribly wrong and the exams that did go ok (Art, English Lang, English Lit) will get ungraded and I'll be even more unhappier.

    My biggest fear is trying my hardest and failing, it wouldn't hurt so much if I failed by not revising.



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