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Widely believed myths

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    Goldfish have 5 second memories
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    (Original post by Copperknickers)
    1. Wikipedia? Please use a more reliable source.
    This is no scientific discussion and I don't feel the need to cite loads of checked sources. When tested against traditional encyclopedias Wikipedia has scored very well, so for my private life I consider it reliable.

    (Original post by Copperknickers)
    2. Please use English sources. Just because it is major, doesn't mean it is reliable: it might be the German equivalent of the Daily Mail for all we know.
    It's the most famous German weekly newspaper, considered highbrow, popular for its high journalistic quality, known for its long, in-depth articles.

    (Original post by Copperknickers)
    3. Nobody claimed cold was the only factor, just that it was a contributing factor. Let us compromise however, and say that it is one of many contributing factors, the important thing being that whether or not it causes colds and flu, extreme cold is still bad for your health.
    No compromises It is a tiny factor, widely estimated to be minor.

    (Original post by Copperknickers)
    It also includes a quote from an astronaut which says it is just barely visible from 180 miles up, which is quite a long way into outer space. That is still seeing it in my book.
    This is explained by the fact that it casts a long shadow at sunrise and sunset - most sources (the important ones) claim the opposite. After some reading about it it seems to be Individuals vs. Other individuals + most scientists + NASA.

    What you are doing here is stating individuals who claimed to have seen (or might have seen) the Great Wall, whilst all other source state that it isn't possible. Pretty selective perception, right?

    (Original post by Copperknickers)
    That is still seeing it in my book.
    Nope. You may see smoke above the treetops, but that doesn't mean you are able to see the fire. They don't see the wall, they see its shadow (if the sun is very low, it will easily be multiple times wider than the wall itself).
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    Microwave ovens don't work in that way we were all told they do.
    How **** is that? Lying bastard physics departments all over the country
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    Crusts make your hair curly.
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    Wigan Pier is just like Blackpool/Southend/Ryde Pier etc.. :hahaha:
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    (Original post by Kinkerz)
    Myth: schizophrenia is the same thing as multiple/split personality disorder.
    This is by far the one that irritates me the most. "You have different personalities/you act differently sometimes you must be schizophrenic!"

    A psychology teacher at GCSE actually taught us that "Schizophrenia is multiple personalities", I explained to her and she didn't believe me so I had to go on to Wikipedia and show her. Irritating.
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    (Original post by Cake Faced Kid.)
    Crusts make your hair curly.
    I'm Chinese yet I still don't eat crusts for that very reason
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    Feminists want sexual equality.
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    If you're underweight, you're blatently anorexic - thats one that infuriates me.
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    (Original post by Copperknickers)
    Since when is that a myth? They are not directly caused by cold weather, but the effects of extreme cold weaken your immune system and cause the already present germs to multiply. Why do you think flu rates skyrocket in the Winter?

    They happen more in winter because people tend to stay indoors more so the rate of infection is higher.
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    (Original post by BethaneyJ)
    You lose most of the heat from your head

    Not true. Your head is most likely to be uncovered and lose heat, but by the head-loses-more-heat logic no trousers and a hat would be warmer....

    warmer than what?

    Anyway I'm fairly sure this idea is per unit of surface area and not just that the head loses more heat than any/all other arbitrarily-grouped bodyparts or areas.

    Whether that is true, I don't know.
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    People with big feet have small ****s.
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    Correlation means causation.

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    (Original post by Spicey)
    People with big feet have small ****s.
    I've also been told that people with big hands have big ****s.

    As an owner of both big hands and big feet, I'm often left wondering where that puts me...

    Not that I'll be commenting on the size of my... hehem... other anatomy, particularly on the internet
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    (Original post by JordanS94)
    This maybe off subject but I've asked a vegan if they would swollow sperm and they went yes ... but they don't even eat dairy products :confused: They're eating what could have been potential human beings ...are they a real vegan ?:lol: (I know it's not from an animal but there is no logic from it)
    No animals are harmed or exploited during a bj between two humans though are they. It's got nothing to do with veganism.

    Also, if you are going to call sperm cells 'potential humans', then by that account ****ing is mass murder.
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    (Original post by perfectsymbology)
    The colour red angers Bulls into charging. In fact it is the waving of the cloth that angers them.
    Yes. I do believe they are in fact colourblind.
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    (Original post by sammy-lou)
    Ha! Beat me to it!

    Marie Antoinette never said "Let them eat cake"
    Rene Descartes never said "I think therefore I am", he said "I think therefore I exist, at least as a thinking thing"
    No, Marie Antoinette said "brioche" which apparently can be translated as bread or cake. That's where the misunderstanding came from allegedly.
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    (Original post by chelseafan)
    Colds and Flus are caused by cold weather.
    That one infuriates me. 'Wrap up warm or you'll catch cold' No I won't, or rather the chance of me catching a cold is no further increased than the chance of me picking up any other form of pathogenic illness. Thank goodness for TSR, a opportunity for me to vent my nerdy anger.
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    (Original post by mevidek)
    No, Marie Antoinette said "brioche" which apparently can be translated as bread or cake. That's where the misunderstanding came from allegedly.
    But if she was responding to claims that they had no bread to eat, why would she mean to say 'let them eat bread'?
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    (Original post by sammy-lou)
    But if she was responding to claims that they had no bread to eat, why would she mean to say 'let them eat bread'?
    I'm not sure, though it might have been sarcasm.
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