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How do I stay diciplined?

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    I do well losing weight one week and then sometimes I'll slip up due to ill discipline. For example, I lost a kg one week; and the following week I'll end up putting it on again!

    How can I develop my self discipline with eating/temptation? It's really frustrating doing well and then going back constantly!
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    watch documentaries on fat people and their agony- it'll probably inspire you
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    (Original post by Dicey)
    I do well losing weight one week and then sometimes I'll slip up due to ill discipline. For example, I lost a kg one week; and the following week I'll end up putting it on again!

    How can I develop my self discipline with eating/temptation? It's really frustrating doing well and then going back constantly!
    Ease yourself into the routine.
    With fitness and diet, there's no point rushing straight into it because you'll burn yourself out, it doesn't matter if it's trying to gain weight or lose weight.
    If you ease into the process you will be more likely to get into a routine and stick at it.

    Try incorporating treats for doing well.

    For example, if you go 3 days without binging on junk food and eating healthily, you earn yourself a treat and are allowed that.
    Then increase the amount to 4 days without binging, then 5 days and so on until it's weeks.

    There are lots of little tips that will help you but ultimately you've got to really want it. Tell yourself that you really want this and your mind will believe it. You have to just stay determined, it's down to you and only you, don't let yourself slip.

    It's what I learned when I started running, I would say to myself 'oh, I'll just stop and walk for a bit and then run again in a second', but I knew that if I stopped then I wouldn't improve. You just have to keep at it man. Push yourself.
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    ^ Agreed, ease your way into it. You'll use too much raw energy and it wouldnt last long. Try and eat in moderation as opposed to drastically cutting everything out. Good luck.
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    You have a problem of bad habits. Deal with them one at a time.
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    Think how much better your diet will be compared to the average person in Britain. I've done this since I overhauled my diet this week and it feels great. The food that I've eaten has given me a natural high almost, but I'm not sure if that's due to my exams ending :P
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    Here's one idea that should be obvious but is ignored because it doesn't win you any effort points, which are more important to most than actual achievement. Find a "diet" and general approach to your goals that is easy and that you don't even mind sticking to. There are a million different ways to eat and a million different ways to exercise, and I'm sure anyone can find something that they actually quite like doing and don't find to be too much a chore, yet is still as effective (or very nearly as effective) as any torturous and painful approach would have been.
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    Honestly its all in your own mind, and you dont need our help. You lost 1kg in a week, use that for motivation instead of being complacent and then piling it on again. Think "I dont want to be fat." and it will work. I used to have the same problem, asked my dear mummy for advice and she said "You stupid girl, its in your mind. Stop bein a wuss, and just do it". And I did But your not being a wuss or anything, so just motivate yourself. Otherwise you're gonna get fat and not be able to fit through the doorway (thats my motivation for you love!)
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    Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.
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    Reward yourself with food weekly, cook a big tasty meal or get a takeaway if you've particularly kicked your own ass that week. I like to watch movies that make me want to train: Rocky, Warrior, Never Back Down. Anything with people overcoming physical goals or something with hot ladies in it. If you're a girl just do the reverse. Imagine how good it'll feel looking that little bit slimmer/beefier.The easiest way is not to keep food in the house that makes you want to binge, if someone else in the house wants it just tell them to hide it. Lastly, keep a food diary. Write down everything you eat, if you can't work with positive reinforcement then the little kick of guilt you'll experience when you have to write something unhealthy into a book works for me. Good luck and congratulations on your success so far.
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    The answer to this is understand your not gonna get to where you want to be, if you don't, then you won't look any better. It really doesn't get much more simple

    Putting it blunt, if you want to look average keep doing what your doing.
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    Thanks for all your replies; feeling motivated and ready to do this!


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