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Need Help with complicated decisions.

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    Hey all, i need the best advice ASAP on what to do!
    Basically, I'm at my first year at college and currently study maths, economics, biology and psychology.
    Psychology wasn't my original subject i wanted to study, it was chemistry but i got kicked off the course because of some personal issues with my chemistry teacher, and she tried to sympathetic and said i could start my chemistry course next year (which means i have to stay and additional year at college and pick 2 more AS courses as a minimum of 3 is required to continue)
    HOWEVER, it's under a conditional circumstance, i have to achieve good grades with my current courses (A/B's)
    But I have a very bad feeling I've done really bad on my maths (everyone who does AQA knows it was a very difficult paper) and I'd be lucky enough to get a pass!
    This is very worrying, as i really want to study something medical related in Uni, and having chemistry is a MUST.
    But what if she doesnt allow me to pick it up next year?
    what should I do? and i dont want to move colleges because i love my college and in my area, the other colleges have a really bad reputation.
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    Do AS Chemistry & Maths again, staa on for the extra year and make sure you get top grades & maybe a part time job?


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