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If you knew you only had a day of life, what would you do?

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    (Original post by CAPTAIN CAPSLOCK)
    Like a Boss.
    LOOOOOOL ahahahah :congrats: ''shout allah akbar in a crowded place''
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    pray repent pray repent pray... and make sure my family are doing the same.

    and i do do it now except probably to a much smaller extent than i would do if it was the last day :L
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    Masturbate furiously.
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    Sell my car and buy a **** load of high grade...
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    (Original post by Chronist)
    First question: If you knew you only had a day of life, what would you do?
    8am - 11am: I would say my goodbyes to loved ones.
    11am - 12pm: Eat a KFC and pull £180 of my bank account.
    12pm - 1pm: Buy an ounce of weed, meet my mates.
    1pm - 3pm: Relax with my circle of friends for one last time.
    3pm - 10pm: Meet my most gorgeous girl. Smoke weed and **** her.
    10pm - 11:59pm: Have a shower and go for a drive whilst smoking weed, wait to die..

    (Original post by Chronist)
    Second question, after replying to the title's question: why don't you do it now rather than waiting for the last day of your life?
    I do most of that, most of the time. Haha

    (Original post by Chronist)
    I realise that we always keep some important things back till the last moment like if we would live forever. But we don't, we should accept that and cherish the time we have with each other rather than wasting our limited time with pointless conflicts, wars, hatred, jealousy and other bull**** which I bet you would not do if you knew you only had one day of life.

    On a serious note, I know what you're saying. Life is there for you to live at the fullest.
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    I don't know... which worries me slightly.
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    Pray damn hard!
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    Go into work and blast out "killing in th name of"
    By RATM
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    (Original post by geetar)
    Stop revising for my law exams, sex as many girls as I could, spend a bit of time with family and friends, smoke some cigars, eat loads of frozen yoghurt, kill Tony Blair, watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy one final time, go and see a Shakespeare production, have an Indian takeaway, drink vast quantities of tea, get back with my ex, shout profanities in the street, beat my enemy to a bloody pulp, steal something, go hunting and fishing, plant a tree, punch Nicolas Cage, rap Rapper's Delight somewhere in public, drink as much hot sauce as I could, troll every single thread on this entire website, play the violin, read a lot of books, fart in a lift, do some drawing, burst into a courtroom shouting "I object!", deface a sports car, firebomb the offices of whoever makes The Only Way is Essex, declare my house an independent country, set a new world record for something, write a (very) short book, paint a picture, compose some music, smoke a good deal of weed, take some LSD, tell everyone what I really think of them, look through photos of my travels, go for a walk in the country, watch failblog on Youtube, watch some classic Simpsons episodes, write a tweet saying how pointless Twitter is, get a really high score on Facebook Tetris, buy as much expensive designer stuff as I can think of, buy a sofa at DFS where I don't have to pay them for a year, visit the National Gallery and the British Museum, steal something from the National Gallery and the British Museum, shout "Allahu Akbar" in a crowded place, visit my old university, drink an incredibly expensive bottle of wine, put on my three piece suit, and then die. Happy.
    Woah we got a Bad ass Chuck Norris over here...
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    the obvious: have sex. Then, i'd tell everyone i loved how much they really meant to me. sky dive, watch one last film with someone i loved, get blindingly drunk on the night. Spend as much time with as many people as i could, rob a bank and buy everything i could. Then take everyone i knew out for a s****y meal, piss off a tall building, try and see the nothern lights with the girl i fancy, fly a helicopter, flash my arse to someone important, burn something.
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    Share my belongings to the people i love and spend a lot of time selling the most left and come back to share the money to beggars on the street side.
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    If i only had a day to live, i would tell my family and friends i loved them, write them a letter each to open after i'm dead, leave little notes around the place and then i would go meet xxx and have a some fun

    ^ thats what i would love to do, but most likely, i would wake up,log on to tsr and troll the **** out of this place before i die
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    Probably sit around crying at the thought of my own impending doom...
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    First question: If you knew you only had a day of life, what would you do?

    I would write letters to for all the people I loved most, for them to read after I'd gone. I'd probably just spend it relaxing, boring but that's how I'm happiest.

    Second question, after replying to the title's question: why don't you do it now rather than waiting for the last day of your life?

    The letter thing is a good idea actually, it will show my appreciation towards my friends. The second thing is what I do already, way too much.
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    Take over 100ml of liquid on a plane, just for the thrill.
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    Dance. Dance like I've never danced before. :bhangra:
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    Spend time with my family and pray for the forgiveness of myself and others.
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    Have sex with the girl I always wanted.
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    (Original post by geetar)
    ...fart in a lift...
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    I'd tell the girl I like that I like her. And depending on the response, hopefully die happy.


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