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Students - how do you cope with loud music/parties?

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    (Original post by MagicNMedicine)
    It is attention seeking really, there's no reason for it, its easy enough to play music through headphones if you're just sitting in your room. Some people want to make a statement like "I'm here...notice me....this is the type of music I like because I'm cool". We had a guy move into our flat once for a bit, he had a liking for going sitting out in the back garden and putting his sound system in the living room on full volume so it deafened everyone else in the house. Sure some people will say "well just go out and join him then" and this was his argument but sometimes other people have other things to do - one of the girls was trying to write her dissertation at the time and she kept having to go off into the uni library because she couldn't concentrate at home with him blaring that din.

    At uni you get some students who are the same, they are always totally defiant about "its a free country...you should come join the party then", invariably they are the type that have gone to uni just to get smashed and not really to do any work, they don't care if other people are trying to sleep they just kind of accept it that their right to be noisy and seek attention takes precedence because they are "cool" by playing loud music.

    It's bad enough in halls but it takes the mick when people move out into a residential area where people live and have to work the next day and have babies and young children that need their sleep and they are getting deafened by students who are just living a doss party life on their student loans for three years.

    I have to say my anecdotal evidence of the people I knew at Leeds Uni who had the PA systems and were blaring out music in halls, every one of them got a 2:2 or 3rd in their degree....
    Couldn't agree more mate. Especially the bit in bold. There is an elderly woman on my street and a few families with small children. Students are usually inconsiderate when they are trying to notify everyone that they're 'cool' :rolleyes:


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Updated: June 6, 2012
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