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What age are most people on TSR?

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Could 16-year-olds have swung the referendum the other way? 23-06-2016
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    I'm 18 and starting uni in September.

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    (Original post by jhadjkura)
    Im 17, year 12.

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    im 17 and just coming to the end of my first year at college
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    19 starting Uni in September .
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    28, and not at uni any more. I just can't quite bring myself to leave TSR. What can I say? I don't get out much lol. When I joined I was just about to start uni.
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    I'm 20, just finished my first year of uni, joined when I was 16. I do think this site is more popular with late secondary school - sixth form/college students but there are still many of us on here, even if it is because we got hooked young
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    900. a degree in every subject, 5 masters degrees, hundreds of years of work experience and life experience...about ready to reitre
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    I'm 15
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    I'm 19 and I'm still in college. I'll be studying a degree linked to university though
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    17, at college and employed
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    I'm 20 and I'm still at college. Have no plans of going to Uni atm.
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    (Original post by chloboshoka)
    I'm 20 and I'm still at college. Have no plans of going to Uni atm.
    I wouldn't both, your older now anyway

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    I'm 16, turning 17 in about a month.
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    GOD this has made me feel so young!
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    15 yaaaaaay!
    16 in august lol
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    17 Year 12 Professional Procrastinator
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    Im 16 and in Year 12
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    I'm 18 sooon can't wait! Should leave sixth form this year!
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    22, feeling old here now lol


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