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Good Workout When Cutting?

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    Hi there guys I was doing the SL 5x5 workout but now I want to cut in time for my holiday and would need to eat more than I want to to keep up with gains.
    I'm going to aim to eat around 1800 cals a day across 6 meals, drink 8 glasses of water a day, BUT I need to know a good workout which will help melt off the fat and decrease my body fat % by a significant amount.
    If someone would be so kind as to write a good workout or link me to a good workout for shredding. I would like to know when to do HIIT training too.
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    Is this what you mean? Im a dancer and my teacher gets us doing a couple of these per month, especially the fat loss and muscle building section. Thats under workout at the top.

    Btw the title of this thread could be a bit misleading, I was a little worried until I read what you wrote...
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    (Original post by nash_4_lyf)
    WEll maybe its just me then, eh?
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    when cutting it's not really the exercise that changes. In fact, you can maintain the same you used for bulking. However, it will be good to add more cardiovascular work to your routine and watch your diet. Carb intake has to be very strict.
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    (Original post by nash_4_lyf)
    WEll maybe its just me then, eh?

    (Original post by Scoobiedoobiedo)


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