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How much better is the Samsung Galaxy than the S2?

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    I'm due for an upgrade soon and was considering both of these phones. I currently have a standard HTC Desire (not the HD). Whilst I was very enthusiastic about the S3, now that I've seen it I'm not sure how much better it is than the S2. The S3 is £35 a month whilst the S2 is around £20 a month. Basically I want to know is the S3 worth the extra £15.

    Also is the S2 even much of an upgrade on a HTC Desire?
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    There are very few differences with the S3 compared to the S2.

    Personally I wouldn't say it is worth an extra £15 a month. I'd vote S2 over HTC desire though, definitely.
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    S2 is definitely better than your HTC. I believe the S2 was 2011 phone of the year on many websites (techradar, cnet etc.)

    If you have the money then, if I was in your position, I'd spend the extra £15 a month. It has a faster processor, beautiful screen and a few 'cool' extras (though they aren't much of a game changer).

    Nothing wrong with the S2 though.

    So - you got the money, go for the S3. If not, the S2 is perfectly fine... after all, what is a few seconds extra when changing web pages?
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    Thanks for the replies, that video was particularly helpful
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    I think s2 is better,if your budget is not for s3 than you should definitely buy Samsung s2.


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Updated: June 5, 2012
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