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Edinburgh v. Manchester (international relations MA taught) - What to choose?

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    Hello. I am an Israeli student and I have been accepted for an MA/MSc in international Relations both in Edinburgh and Manchester.
    I know that Edinburgh as a university has a better reputation as an intitution and a higher rank, but I am really unsure which of the two to pick.
    I will also mention that I am bringing my girlfriend with me and she will be looking for a job in the private sector, preferably in business, trade or tourism.

    Which university has a better IR program? Which city offers a better package for a student couple, considering the fact that we will be living in private acommodation (we're bringing a pet with us)? We are not party animals but we do like to go out to pubs every once in a while.

    I would appreciate your input, especially if you are familiar with both cities and/or institutions.

    Thank you,
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    Edinburgh is a very popular with tourists so your girl friend may find a job there. I'm not sure about the IR course. But the University of Edinburgh is among the best in the country. It is ranked among top 5 according to QS and Times Higher Education.

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