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Can A* be achieved in language A Levels just by learning?

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    On one of the posts elsewhere on TSR, it states that languages is the only field in which an A* can only be achieved if a candidate has raw talent for the subject. What do you think? Can A* be achieved if a candidate works hard enough (which is obviously very very very hard), memorising vocab, drilling in grammar, and the like? Or can A* only be achieved if one has the flair and the raw talent, as languages can be seen by some as unique as a field of academic study?

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    It is possible to do anything. Just work your socks off and hard work is rewarded.
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    I think that if you work hard enough it will surely show in your exams, just as in any other subject, obviously if your vocab, grammar and accuracy are perfect then they can't fairly mark you down.
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    I'm aiming for an A* in German, and I've worked out I might only need 120 UMS points on my final exam to get it, which I've achieved in mocks before.

    I also heard it's only natives who get A*s, but my teacher said it's possible for anyone if they put the effort in. Then again my Spanish teacher told me that next to physics, languages are the hardest subjects to get an A in. Not sure how true that is but I think people who don't do MFL don't realise how tough it is!

    Practice essays as much as you can, and grammar and vocab can obviously be learnt. I guess the natural flair would come in when a word comes up which wasn't on your vocab list and which you have to make an educated guess on, but other than that I don't see how it couldn't be possible!


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Updated: June 3, 2012
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