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close + delete pls

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    close + delete pls
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    pull out the battery and plug it into the wall. try and power it on once it boots stick the battery in mate
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    Buy a new laptop
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    Unplug the battery and the power jack. Then replace both and see if it turns on.

    If the laptop boots, i.e. the indicator lights flicker as it starts up and loads the operating system, but the screen remains dark, then its a screen problem, could be an inverter.

    Or it could be that the machine is stuck in hibernation, then hold down the power button for 10 seconds until the machine powers off to reset, then remove battery and power jack, and then reboot.

    If it doesn't boot, i.e. the light comes on and nothing much happens, then it can be many other complex problems, post back and I will continue with the diagnosis.
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    (Original post by mangoh)
    the problem is the power button is green, the charger button is green so they all work

    the problem is the screen remains black (i.e. I can't see the operating system load, the boot logo or ANYTHING)

    what could it be if it is not the charger or the battery (can I rule out the battery having issues if the charger icon is green and the screen remains black without the battery???)

    I've removed the battery and inserted the charger and tried turning it on, still the screen remains black
    Doesn't help me at all. Why don't you follow the instructions as I gave them and provide the information I asked for?
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    (Original post by mangoh)
    Tried didn't work

    the power button and the charger indictator is green so that works... the screen doesn't load ANYTHING

    Tried didn't work . Still black screen
    Right. But you haven't actually told me what I asked, which was 'is the laptop booting?'
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    (Original post by mangoh)

    I can't even get into bios, apparently it can't be the hard drive as I should be able to get into bios without a HDD

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    OK, well work it out for yourself or take it to PC World.

    I'm not getting paid for this and although I have no problem doing the diagnosis for free, even if we get past this simple step that you still haven't even been able to answer coherently, getting any further information out of you would be like pulling teeth.
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    This could be a RAM problem. If you can remove all the modules from the laptop and try them one at a time, there should be a small cover on the bottom of the laptop where you can access the RAM.

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    I got sick of my laptop breaking because it broke once every 2 months on average and to be honest because of this laptops aren't worth buying and apparently most problems with the laptops are caused by a lose connection in the charger port and I really think manufacturers need to produce higher quality laptops,that don't break for at least 2 years my screen went black after just a week.
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    Make a video of your laptop and upload it to youtube.
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    Most computers, if i remember, have a beep code. When you turn it on, is the any beeping at all.

    Hate to say it but i most likely point it out to be the actual screen of the laptop.

    These can be quite expensive and troublesome to replace.

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    We had a similar problem with the laptop downstairs, we just left it for a day and then charged it for a day. Works fine now.


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