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Feel so old looking at music now

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    I used to really dig music, it was what got me through high school, with the likes of Blur and Green Day always being played. However then I got into uni and didn't have the time for it. Now, revisiting music, I'm shocked to find 'music' now is defined by the likes of One Direction and Kesha. What's happened?!!! None of these new bands or artists have TALENT, they just write (if they are even smart enough to write themselves) songs about girls on dance floors and other nonsense.
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    Think your time at University blurred your vision between commercial music (Kesha) and real music.
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    There is good music out there, don't let commercial **** cloud your vision.

    You may have to look a bit deeper, but there are real musicians everywhere
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    Blur and Green Day weren't great. And yes there is still amazing music being made. See sig
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    I'm pretty sure the Beatles generation would disagree that your generation listened to good music.

    And are you seriously suggesting that the music that people listened to when I was in school (bearing in mind that I'm 8 years older than you) was any better? You had the likes of the Spice Girls, Westlife, Boyzone, 5ive, Take That.....need I seriously go on?

    There will always be **** bands, just deal with it.


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Updated: June 3, 2012
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