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What the hell is wrong with my Psychology teacher?!

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    So basically, Ive finished my exam sthis week. The last exam I had was Wednesday.

    One of my Psychology classes that I have with this b*tch Im complaining about now is on Thursdays.

    So I thought we don't return back to school till exams finish or the study or that they will just give us the last 2 days of teh week off as there is obviously nothing else to do....

    So I did not go on Thursday as I assumed one/all of the above and I was soooo tired as I only had 4 hours of sleep on the night before my last exam i.e. Wednesday.

    So yesterday night I found my phone which was dead and charged it. I looked through my messages and found that I had a voice mail (I perhaps thought it may be from a potential employer as Im looking for a job and did not mind wasting my credit to hear it) but guess who it turns out to be?! thats right! the snooty,stuck up b*tch.

    I am getting so sick of her calling me to ask why Im not in her lesson on some occasions. And she never asks others why they are not! oh yeah, because those guys are geeks and she adores geeks..... But what has really pissed me off is that she calls me once all exams are finished as if we have an important lesson! fair enough, Im gonna go to college for these last 2 'compulsory' weeks. But why ****ing call when you know exams are finished and the lessons aren't crucial.
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    Mate, I think she wants you :dancing:
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    (Original post by Tackla)
    Mate, I think she wants you :dancing:
    I dont go for snooty stuck up teachers who have no lives but mark papers
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    (Original post by cool pilot dude)
    I dont go for snooty stuck up teachers who have no lives but mark papers
    you're gonna get stalked :yep:

    welcome to your new life
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    (Original post by Joinedup)
    you're gonna get stalked :yep:

    welcome to your new life
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
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    I'm so watching this
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    (Original post by JulietheCat)
    I'm so watching this

    OP, chill out. Talk to your teacher and just admit you didn't know you had to come into the lesson. Don't be rude to her and talk to her in a calm manner. The last thing teachers want is a mouthy student.

    And those geeks you're are referring to are probably just students who don't act like, well, you.


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Updated: June 3, 2012
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