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Scouts and Guides going to or at Kingston

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    Was speaking to someone else on my course who had an idea of setting up a society for Scouts and Guides at Kingston. It'd have to be done through SSAGO and from what I read on the SU site we'd need a minimum of 10 people. Would anyone who currently goes or is going in September a Scout or Guide and interested in maybe setting a unit up?

    I can also get you in contact if you want to help with a Scout Group or ESU feel free to PM me, I do know someone in Guiding so may be able help any Guiders find a unit, not sure though.
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    I would be interested, starting my degree in september after a year on foundation at kingston. Was a sea scout many years ago, but now mainly do a lot of rowing and cycling.
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    This sounds like a wicked idea Marcus!

    If you need any inside help from the SU in Sept, drop me an email... will do my best to help out.
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    Cheers David, will contact you somehow, either by email or facebook. Will speak in September, when people have enrolled as in theory on here and someone I know we have 3, and when I checked SU site, it needed to be 10, but did find out that people didn't have to be Scouts or Guides, when going through SSAGO stuff
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    I know a guy who is a scout guide or qualified to do that or something like that, so I'm sure he'd be interested!!

    Maybe in September I can get an advert out on the website to see how much of an interest students in a wider spread scope would like it - also a way of getting more names down!!

    Very innovative, Marcus.

    Details are below


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    David Brown
    Students' Union Executive Officer

    [email protected]
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    you sure that's not me David? :P

    and that's a very good idea to do that on the website.
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    As there's seems to be quite a few people hear bout places on here. Anyone interested message me for more info. You DON'T have to have ever been a Scout or Guide.
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    Have spoken to the SU and need 10 people, if anyone is interested let me know ASAP, and something can be arranged.
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    FB Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/461913467173422/

    Also looking at attending freshers fair with a clipboard.


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Updated: August 17, 2012
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