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Are you interested in 3D gaming?

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    I have a 3D TV and randomly played Black Ops, I didn't realise it was 3D compatible but it was insane.
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    (Original post by csz713)
    So you can only see in 2D?!
    I can get monocular cues that signal that the world isn't just flat - shadows, size difference, things get bluer in the distance... - but true 3D vision requires two eyes that work together, and one of my eyes has a turn that apparently confused my brain when it was developing the visual system, so it just learnt to ignore that eye.

    Therefore, I don't have two eyes working together and I don't have proper 3D vision.
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    Screw 3D; I want hologram technology!
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    (Original post by Nephilim)
    Screw 3D; I want hologram technology!
    I want a holodeck

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