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Hi... :)

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    I thought I'd posted here before but apparently not... I kind of lurk around here... I'm really shy Dx but I need to figure out what I'm gonna do after college, so I've been coming here more often and thought I would post...I'm Tash
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    Hi aww bless, i love shy people ;3 What year are you in? (i'm kinda assuming you're from England, so correct me if i'm wrong )

    I'm Humza
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    (Original post by Hummi_C)
    Hi aww bless, i love shy people ;3 What year are you in? (i'm kinda assuming you're from England, so correct me if i'm wrong )

    I'm Humza
    Hi! Haha, yeah I am from England, I'm in year 12 but I'm in college doing ICT business L3...or something called something like that, One year left.. :P
    What about you?
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    Awesome! i'm in year 11 for a couple more months, gonna take Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Music at AS-level. sounds cool, do you have any idea what you're going to do after that?
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    That sounds cool, I'm really not great at science.. xD I've been looking kind of into unis but I don't know where I wanna go yet, if I can even get the grades to go :P
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    Haha science is one of the only things i'm good at! ah fair enough i'm sure you'll be fine, you seem somewhat intelegent ;3
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    Aw, I bet it isn't haha! lol well thank you, you seem quite intelligent too xD
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    It is, that, music and english! you're welcome, and thanks ;D
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    You're welcome to this forum! I hope you will have tremendous time here. have fun!
    Regards, Perky!
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!

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    Thank you! Welcome too, Perky hahah
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    (Original post by Lineal)
    Thank you! Welcome too, Perky hahah
    LOL!!! Yups, I am also new here,


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Updated: June 4, 2012
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