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How much do you pay per month at the gym(s) you use?

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  • View Poll Results: How much do you pay per month at the gym(s) you use?
    University gym: £0 - £4.99 per month
    Univeristy gym: £5.00 - £9.99 per month
    University gym: £10.00 - £14.99 per month
    University gym: £15.00 - £19.99 per month
    University gym: £20.00 - £24.99 per month
    University gym: £25.00 - £29.99 per month
    University gym: £30.00 or more per month
    Commercial gym: £9.99 or less per month
    Commercial gym: £10.00 - £14.99 per month
    Commercial gym: £15.00 - £19.99 per month
    Commercial gym: £20.00 - £24.99 per month
    Commercial gym: £25.00 - £29.99 per month
    Commercial gym: £30.00 - £34.99 per month
    Commercial gym: £35.00 - £39.99 per month
    Commercial gym: £40 or more per month
    I don't go to a gym

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    i dont think there have been any polls like this recently. i wanted to get a feel of how much people pay per month. feel free to comment on what equipment you have and anything else you want to say about your gym!

    i have added a poll to this, split between university gyms and commercial gyms (i know university gyms are mainly cheaper). please choose the options which apply to you (because i know that some people might use university gyms during term time and commercial gyms during holiday time).

    note: please work out the monthly rate if you dont pay monthly. eg. if you pay £240 for a year, you pay £20 per month
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    My gym is free, because the company my dad works for provides us with these luxury's =P I love this place XP
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    In Manchester I paid abut £17.50 per month but you could get some for about £15 others ie Virgin Gym were about £40
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    I pay £16.99/month at PureGym. It doesn't necessarily have all the bells and whistles, but has everything you'd need for a decent workout.
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    I used to pay £40/month which was the student rate. I cancelled my membership when I realised I was being well and truly ripped off
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    added the poll (took a while to make!). please answer the option(s) which apply to you.
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    £29 commercial. Anytime student membership. Use it 4/5 days a week. Well equipped/situated. Works for me.
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    43 a month
    Use it anywhere from 5 to 8 times a week
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    I paid £100 for the year at my uni gym. Will be something like £22/month when I graduate. It's as good a gym as you can ask for. My work also has a gym which is £15 joining fee then £2 a session. It's a bit rubbish for weights but it's fine for a wee bit cardio or circuits
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    I'm really happy with mine. I pay £27.95 a month, which is the student rate, and includes gym, swimming and classes. I've got everything I need, and more.
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    £33 a month for mine, has a Gym, two swimming pools and a health suite (sauna jacuzzi and steam rooms)
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    I'm forced to go to David Lloyds as it's the only gym close to me with a squat rack, so I pay around £46/month. But then again, it's facilities as much better than other gyms with a lot more equipment and space compared to a £20/month gym.
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    Uni gym is £150 for the year, for the 3 months I'm back I've found my local leisure centre are doing a student deal where you get 3 months unlimited for £99.Everywhere's expensive round my home town though, I used to pay £70 per month for David Lloyd.
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    £30 for my gym which includes all classes and swimming so I think it's a fairly good deal as the other ones in the town seem to be about £27 and none of them have a pool.
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    Pure Gym ~ £17.99 per month

    Fantastic gym that has everything you need! Highly recommended!

    Over 220 pieces of equipment, open 24/7, over 40 free classes per week, sun beds.
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    I can't for the sake of humanity understand how some people manage to pay over 50 pounds a month for gym?

    I mean, how special could those gyms possibly be?

    As far as I'm concerned, one could definitely get the same result by going to a gym that offers 15-20 pounds.
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    I don't go to the gym but my friend works at the local golf and country club so gets to use all the facilities free! :P

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    I can't afford gym and university closed theirs for reconstruction in the end, I cycle to become fit
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    I quite like fitness first and virgin active very luxurious:love:


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