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What is the purpose of life?

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    There isn't.
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    Why do things need to have a purpose? They don't. Humans are intelligent enough to create a purpose for themselves.
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    to have fun, enjoy yourself, and help others enjoy themselves
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    Though it seems dense, I agree that there is no "purpose" to life itself, but I still think people should try to make the most of their time to make a difference or what not.
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    (Original post by krayziebone)
    What is the purpose of life?
    I personally think of the purpose of life just to live your life the way you want to. Just to make the most of it and not die regretting having missed out on stuff...
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    "Get money, get paid."

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    To reproduce and then die when you are unable to do so.
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    To continue the transfer of energy in the universe, since energy cannot be destroyed; only harnessed or transferred.

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    (Original post by krayziebone)
    What is the purpose of life?
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    to give life purpose.
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    To ejaculate at least 5000 litres of semen before I die

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    "the meaning of life is to give it meaning."
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    There is no purpose in the sense of means to an end. Whatever you do, achieve, think, feel etc will mean nothing one day. However, if you can imagine yourself on your deathbed and what you would want at that moment I guess you could derive an answer. The prospect of death will strip all the meaningless things in your life away and leave you what is important.

    So I guess the purpose of life is to die before you die.
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    (Original post by krayziebone)
    What is the purpose of life?
    Purpose is a concept proposed by humanity to comfort them, because they can imagine no other way that things could be so.
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    To ask stupid questions on TSR...
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    On a serious note, we make our own purpose. How can everyone have the same purpose in life? There's no generic purpose.


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Updated: June 5, 2012
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