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My £30 tarriff now costs me over £47 per month. WHY?

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    May I suggest gifgaf its about £10 a month for unlimited data and other stuff then buy a new blackberry or whatever phone sim free.
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    You can call their disconnections department and persuade them that you're going to leave if they don't give you a better contract :yep:
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    i have 500mb and have never gone over... just keep an eye on it and use wifi wherever possible (remember coffee shops/universities/pubs/hotels/mcdonalds have free wifi...)

    oh! also op phone them up! they will over much much better deals if you phone them than if you go in store... im with orange but the phone i wanted was £250 upgrade instore, £200 online... i phoned said what contract i wanted (going down from £30 (-£5 a month because i upgraded online) to £20) ... then pointed out if i got a new contract phone would have been £100 so id cancel and get a new contract if they couldnt do it for that price... man came back and said "i cant do you it for free... but i can do that phone for £49.99" .....always worth a try!
    new customers quite often get the best offers which is annoying... but they will do anything to keep people
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    (Original post by Davidosh)
    May I suggest gifgaf its about £10 a month for unlimited data and other stuff then buy a new blackberry or whatever phone sim free.
    I have Giffgaff and a BB.. I paid for the £3 extra BBM add on but I dunno how to get it working :mad: and the unlimited data don't work for the BB yet .


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Updated: June 6, 2012
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