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Pre-Masters programs

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    I was looking at a Msc at the University of Amsterdam; a large chunk of it is quantitative methods and if you've had no previous training you have to take a pre-master's program to train you in this, which admits you unconditionally into the masters program.

    Would taking a pre-masters course 'look bad' on your transcript? Most seem to go BA, MA/equivalent, PhD, or Mphils etc. I don't know many academics that have taken this route, so was wondering if there was anything intrinsically bad about it.

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    I honestly don't see how improving your skills is a bad thing My course (top UK uni) will not have a quant section - nevertheless I feel that it could be useful and want to take similar courses myself regardless.
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    Thought so. Just, I changed my course to a joint honours which means I lost my quantative analysis. It means I'm cut off from a lot of masters' So may take an extra year to do this. The fees in the Netherlands are nothing really so I don't mind doing it.


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Updated: June 4, 2012
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