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Men In Black III

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    Just watched this at the cinema, anyone else seen it? Thoughts/reviews?
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    There were some really cute aliens.
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    I really liked it... :ninjagirl:

    Loved the ending too.
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    It was patchy as hell, but there's definitely some great moments that are worth paying for. It starts off pretty slow and a lot of the jokes fall flat, but I agree that the ending was really nicely done, and Josh Brolin is awesome in it. I just can't see myself being desperate to come back to it though, unlike the first one, which I've re-watched countless times.

    And Pitbull doing the song instead of Will is, to quote Bernard Manning in Brass Eye, "a ****ing disgrace". :unimpressed:
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    I thought it was great, but because it had Will Smith in it, it just made it a whole lot better.
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    I really enjoyed it! Had more of a plot than the other 2...
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    It looks crap but my nephew is dying to watch it. Must resist.
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    A step up from 2, but well below the original. Brolin was epic though.
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    Looks like a good film based on the Stazoo Rating and reviews!

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    good film, worth seeing in 3d
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    What do i need to know before seeing this movie? i know the previous movies were really good according to everyone, but i don't have time to see the others before i see MIB3. Can someone please summarize what i need to know? Pretty please
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    (Original post by damilola)
    What do i need to know before seeing this movie? i know the previous movies were really good according to everyone, but i don't have time to see the others before i see MIB3. Can someone please summarize what i need to know? Pretty please

    Well, I watched them backwards for some reason, so you really don't need to know the full details. But I'll say as much as I remember and as much as I can find out on Wikipedia. I'll try to miss out the bits which aren't important to the plot of MIB3.

    Men In Black:

    James Darrell Edwards II is a police officer who sees a man who turns out to be an alien after he chased him because he blinked his eyes in a strange way. He tries to explain this to his supervisor, but then Agent K goes and neuralyses them. The neuralyser is probably the most important thing in the series. It's a small device which makes anyone looking at it forget a certain amount of time before they looked at it. The agents normally tell them something different but then sometimes they don't, which is a little strange as presumably the person "neuralysed" would just be confused as to why they have no memory of some time before.

    Anyway, he neuralyses this policeman so he doesn't remember this alien thing, and then he's in a restaurant. K offers him a job at the Men In Black headquarters (he needed a new partner because his old one retired and they get their entire memory of their entire career deleted so it's still a secret organisation, which is also pretty odd, why would you want to do something which you won't remember 50 years or so after). But then Edwards gets the job and becomes Agent J. They do a lot of stuff which probably doesn't matter for MIB3.

    After all this, Agent K wants to resign so asks Agent J to neuralyse him. So after he saves countless lives he doesn't remember a thing and thinks he's been in a 35-year coma. The End.

    There's an animated series between the two movies, but it's non-canon.

    Men In Black II:

    It's been five years since the events of the first movie, and Agent J has a new partner after loads of partners he's neuralysed because he doesn't want them. This guy wants to be a hero, which J interprets he wants to be known by everyone as a hero, which can't happen because any witness' memories of the events are erased. He then neuralyses him after he bursts out crying whilst eating pie. His new partner is a talking alien/dog and he goes off to investigate a murder by some aliens. One woman was a witness, but J likes her and doesn't neuralyse her. This all leads to the organisation needing Agent K back, as he has the key to stopping an invasion. Agent K is divorced, but works as a manager in a post office in a small town. Agent J goes along to there and takes him to the headquarters, where he's pretty confused because he doesn't remember anything about it. They go to de-neuralyse him so he gets his memory back, but the antagonist puts the headquarters in lockdown so they have to evacuate into the middle of New York through being "flushed" into something. They then go to an unofficial de-neuralyser and he gets his memories back. They go on to fight the antagonist, neither of them die and the world is saved.

    You can probably find out more about the plots on Wikipedia, but they aren't crucial to MIB3 at all. I tried to give an overview as to why they're both there. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

    P.S. Oh Jesus, I thought this was a thread started by you and it looks like I went a bit overkill, but oh well :P.
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    Men in Black ties up a lot of loose ends and it certainly gives a very good reason as to why Agent K was insistent on having Agent J on board.
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    The alien was really good and The Time Travel, Time-Jump concept was really cool. Also the younger Agent K, was really good.


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