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A Level students- Did you expect the GCSE results you got?

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    Looks like I'm the only person here who did much worse than they should have at GCSE. I took it lightly, barely revised and ended up with only 2A*s, 4As and 5Bs when I was predicted all As and A*s. I still regret not putting in the work then because I did so much better at AS, so I know I was capable of doing 10x better. But ah well, I guess it didn't really matter to my uni applications or anything so meh :p:
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    (Original post by Cinnamon_Twist)
    You got an A* in English? Why do I find that hard to believe?:rolleyes:
    ye both not thT HARD MATE
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    I did better in all my coursework pieces. In history by teacher was adamant I got a C which I was so disappointed with, and it turned out I got 98% hmmm....
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    (Original post by Lollyage)
    Looks like I'm the only person here who did much worse than they should have at GCSE. I took it lightly, barely revised and ended up with only 2A*s, 4As and 5Bs when I was predicted all As and A*s. I still regret not putting in the work then because I did so much better at AS, so I know I was capable of doing 10x better. But ah well, I guess it didn't really matter to my uni applications or anything so meh :p:
    I think I sound pretty similar to you haha. I got 2A* 4A 4B 4C... I was so disappointed on results day, haunted me ever since!
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    Not really a high mark (well, it is for me) but in GCSE Maths I gained a C! What's the big deal you ask? Well I'd never ever achieved a C in Maths. Recent mocks were poor (U's and E's) and I'd never attained a C in any progress report etc. Of course, I thought I was doomed to failure. However, a miracle seemed to take place and I passed! The first time I ever got a C was in the actual exam, what are the chances eh?!

    The rest of my grades I'd been roughly predicted close enough to and came out overall with A*A*A*ABCCCC, so I'd say that mostly your predicted grades will be quite near the real grade you'll get.
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    I didn't think I'd get an A* at history or RE. I barely revised for RE and with history, I thought I flopped on the Native Americans bit. It had a really ambiguous question on the roles of women in the tribe, there wasn't much to build on so I had to elaborate upon my elaborations.
    I remember there being a question on the Mormons which I absolutely destroyed though. xP

    I wasn't expecting a B in Maths either, I'd given up on getting help in class because my teacher spent more time shouting/helping people who already had extra tuition. Mum had bought me some random work books from WHSmith that I used.

    I came out with A*A*A*A*AAAAAB
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    I cam out of both my history gcse exams sure I had done badly, and I seem to remember running out of time in the second one. However, I got an A* in the end!

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    Was predicted 7A* 4A
    Expected 4A* 6A 1B
    Got 2A* 8A 1B

    Wasn't too dissapointed at the time because I knew I didn't do anywork, but when I got to AS I wished I'd worked harder for GCSE's.
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    Was predicted A*A*A*A*A*AAAAB And got A*AAAAABBCC...Completely ballsed up French and drama (my C's) and don't know what happened with history as I got an A* in my mock (although the same thing happened in my June AS paper - A in mock, E in the real thing) but dead chuffed with my B in Maths!
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    I expected to fail Product Design (I was shocking), but got an A*, and I got an A in PE which was really unexpected, but everything else was okay
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    I was predicted 11A* but this was completely unrealistic because pretty much if you were in top set you were predicted an A*. I actually got 7A*, 3A, B. I came out of my textiles exam feeling like I'd done really badly, and thought I'd just about get a B overall (coursework was A*) but I'd gotten an A*! And English was my absolute hated subject, couldn't understand why anyone would want to analyse a book that deeply and so didn't try all that hard when it came to revision and came out with an A* and an A in Lit/Lang. I actually cried on results day I was so happy!

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    Given that, for the majority of the proceeding months I was in hospital, and basically did all my coursework there and therefore was rarely in school, the fact that I got straight A's and A*'s was rather surprising.
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    Thought I messed up Geography as I literally couldn't care less about it. We didn't even have a textbook to learn from. Was very lucky though and must have only scraped an A. Also Citizenship - we had about 4 lessons on it before the exam. Managed an A in that too. But was ever so slightly disappointed in a couple other subjects, I guess I set my own personal targets too high. Ended up with 4A*s and 8As overall.

    Edit: I forgot English Lit - I despised it at GCSE yet I carried it onto AS o.O WHY
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    Geography I just couldn't be bothered with and got bored during the exam, but got an A* in that; so if you think geography went badly then chances are you'll have done better than you though as this was the general consensus

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    (Original post by Origami Bullets)
    Given that I had done absolutely no work on chemistry in Y11, I was expecting a B/C in that, and got an A. On the flip side, I thought I'd get A* in Geography and Physics, but only got an A in both.
    Similar thing happened to me, I didn't have a clue what I was doing in the unit 2 maths exam, thought I would get a B. I got an A*.

    I thought I did well in my Geography exam and that I would get a high A but I got a low B instead.
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    Few grades were dissapointing. I got A in maths (stupid silly mistakes ruined me) and i am one of the top students for maths in our year and doing fm and recieving 95+ ums in every unit i've taken so far (c1 c2 s1 s2 m1 m2). I got A in classics which wasn't unexpected, but when i looked at units grades i was shocked - i got 3 very high a* on exams and c on my coursework (i blame the teacher). Getting A in Physics and Chemestry was dissapointing as well.. The rest i expected.
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    Thought i messed up my maths in the last module but my other modules must of bumped me up to a C Did a retake of the exam the year after, did the linear paper and got a B also i got 2 D's in french and media studies :O subjects that i despised and never really payed any attention what so ever in lol, so was expecting F's. I got C's in my English somehow which i dont understand because my Cw was all A/B and i thought the exam went pretty well tbh .

    When i opened my results i went straight to the maths and was like YEEEEEEEEEE then i saw my science grade for additional which was an A and was like **** YEEEEEE then i saw my core science grade which was a B and was like Cool Then i checked my individual module results for Chemistry and saw C4C5C6 50/50ums . everything else was expected C in history B in AiDa.

    overall results ABBCCCCDD, could of been so much better but i didnt really try that much in anything but Science lol
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    Expected a C in English Literature, got an A

    However, I was told I had worked to a Merit in my PE BTEC but only received a Pass.

    But nevermind, it's only GCSE..
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    Hate GCSE. Finished it in one year completed 6 games while doing it! Achieved All As and a C in biology and Cs in eng lan and literature
    spent 1 week revising cuz GCSE is bull ...

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    in general do you do better than you think in your GCSEs? (i'm a GCSE student right now in year 11)


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