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Soo annoying

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    Okay so like them hairtyles where your hair is all pushed back in a pony or a bun dont suit me. idk why i really want em to cuz it's a simple yet classy hairstyle.
    I have a long oval face , my forehead isn't really big only about 4cm my eyes are big . my nose is slightly big , my lips are big too :/
    so whyy doesn't it suit me I guess i have an oblong face shape
    them kim kardashian ponytails btw , i mean EVERYONE suits their hair pushed back
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    Thought about getting a fringe? Might help.
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    I do but i want my hair to grow out i just dont wanna have to style my hair as it is a curly wavy freakshow


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Updated: June 4, 2012
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