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Driving Stress & Test Soon

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    I have had like 20 lessons on and off in the past two years. My theory certificate will expire in september, so I need to pass quick. Booked my test for mid july and I only have 8 lessons up til that time due to funds. The instructor said I will pass just worried. Dont know if I should take 1 lesson a week or 2, seeing as my test is a mere month and a half away.

    Sometimes get stressed out, what will happen IF I do pass and then get scared to drive alone (without someone else having some kind of control aswell).

    Anyone else in a similar situation?
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    luckily i'm not in the same situation as i don't want to drive. in london its easier to use public transport or bikes
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    (Original post by smd4std)
    luckily i'm not in the same situation as i don't want to drive. in london its easier to use public transport or bikes
    I love public transport, just hate it when it doesnt run at night or some of the weird people you meet on the buses. Especially needing to carry stuff over long distances aswell.
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    it seems that you are worried that something might happen when you drive alone and that there's no one to help you...? i believe this is quite common in most people when they start learning something new that has the potential to be dangerous.
    you will get confident over time.
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    Then there is constant fear that I will fail. Gah, I Hate Driving, but I need a car.
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    Just think about your test for now, I wouldn't be worrying about what happens you pass. I am sure that you could find someone just to sit and come with you in the car. Your confidence will quickly grow! Good luck for your test


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Updated: June 6, 2012
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