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June 12 2012 aqa biology gcse???

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    Is anyone doing the unit 1 exam for biology on june 12 2012?? For the aqa board? Xx
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    I am! What are all the subjects that will be covered? Kinda nervous :confused:
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    Yup! Doing that one on Tuesday!
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    Everything will be covered. How are you lot feeling about it?? How are you revising? Have you revised?
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    so nervous! how much have you guys revised?
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    What do you think the grade boundaries would be cos i am sitting it too??
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    I think theyll be pretty high.

    A* 50/60
    A 43/60
    B 34/60
    C 26/60
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    we'll have to ace all the six mark questions cos probably there would be around 2-3 of them in bio
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    80% for an A* apparently!
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    (Original post by memoona123456)
    80% for an A* apparently!
    Yeah. That's true!
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    I rekon genetic engineering and more stuff on diet and exercise will come up as it hasan't been in recent past papers.
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    I think it will be higher than 80% as the jan paper was 80% (48/60)and they said they will make the grade boundaries harder like 50/60 soo thats like 83%
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    (Original post by ma1996leb)
    I think it will be higher than 80% as the jan paper was 80% (48/60)and they said they will make the grade boundaries harder like 50/60 soo thats like 83%
    Who said? The exam board? (I think 48/60 like you said was a* on jan 2012): But also they must have a minumum of people getting grades, eg. if the exam is hard: lower the boundarys.
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    yh i hope it is 48/60 but it is all down to how hard it is
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    has any one got any revision like papers and questions for the test. not the specimen or january paper ?!?!?
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    yh the end of topic assessments that have been created by the sciencelab for the newspec here is an example http://store.aqa.org.uk/sciencelab/A...ETAQP-B1.2.PDF
    if u want to get others just google aqa end of topic assessments ---then write b1.5 for example
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    I'm doing it too so scared though
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    I made some Biology notes for B1 - Aqa,

    Here they are:

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    Hopefully six marker won't be one of those "evaluate" ones; they're so tedious and marked so harshly.
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    I am also doing the exam,having trouble revising. What sort of this is everybody revising, because i have no clue about any of it.


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