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Mj is still alive, pics included!!!

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    1st sorry about that little white lie i told but ive seen how few views and comments most of these introductions get, so i thought i would lie to get more views, so yes im a cheat and of course an idiot

    Actually thinking about it now it might have been a good idea to have just said hi and introduce myself formally but its too late now, the stupid part of me is about to unleash itself onto this thread

    Im going to Lincoln uni in september, well atleast i hope i am, its my firm choice and if i get the grades ill be going, which is easier said then done in my case seeing as i havent even started studying :P

    I have applied for business and management and have not yet applied for accomodation because the on line form asks me for a student ID which is meant to be on a letter from the university but i can not seem to find it, so i think i will be ringing the uni tomorrow, although any information regarding this matter would be appreciated. Hopefully i do not get put with 2nd and 3rd years, not that i have anything against them but i'd want to be with people who are in the same position as me, namely; not having a clue about what they're doing or where they are and not knowing how much money they have to spend before they'll be calling mummy and daddy for a short loan to spend on "books and stationary" Also i sing and dance and ive been told that an acquired taste is required before you enjoy it, to which i replied "just like martinis then"

    However if i do get put with 2nd and 3rd years im sure it will be cool and they wont bite but something just tells me that they're less likely to put up with someone singing and dancing around the apartment 24/7

    Anyway thats my introduction, i didnt really know what to say so i said that, if you think i am a complete and utter fool i completely understand trust me ive been told maaaaany times before

    peace x
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!



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Updated: June 5, 2012
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