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Am I too late to apply for 2014 training contracts?

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    I was just having a look at the long training contracts thread, and lots of people seem to have been offered TCs already.

    I am applying to about 10, and my applications for these are already underway, but am going to submit them at the beginning of July by which time I will have completed two legal work placements and thus will have a bit more to talk about and will look more committed.

    I'm wondering whether my chances of getting a TC this time round will be reduced because I haven't applied earlier in the year, even though the deadline for most is 31st July. Can anyone advise?

    Thanks in advance...
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    It depends what stage you are in academia really. 2nd year law students can't normally apply until they get their end of year results, so will likely only be starting around now - that's why deadlines are later. I applied as a 2nd year law student after finishing uni for the summer and was offered several interviews, though ended up taking a TC from a firm I did a vacation scheme with.

    Most non-law students and 3rd years/graduates will have applied a while ago, and non-law deadlines have probably passed, but I'm sure a non-law student could be more help than me in that instance.

    If a firm is still open to applications, then there's no reason not to go for it if you meet the criteria (i.e. probably not non-law) - just check firms' websites and brochures.
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    Thanks. I'm a non-law graduate, have been working for the past year. I see that the magic circle firms (had a couple on my list) do have separate law/non-law deadlines but seems like quite a few of the smaller ones don't, which is lucky for me.
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    All my mates are just now applying. You'll be fine.


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