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AS grades and A level predictions?

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    What grades did you get at AS levels? And what were you then given as predictions? Where did you apply to, what course, and how many rejections?

    Maths - U
    Physics - D
    Electronics - A

    I did horribly the first year as I didn't turn up to half the lessons, I have no idea how I managed an A in electronics. I even handed in coursework late. I think my teachers gave me predicted grades that matched my ability (although I think I might get an A* in electronics and an A in physics)

    Maths - A
    Physics - B
    Electronics - A

    Applied to do Electrical Engineering at Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool and Cardiff. Received offers from all 5 universities. (Was quite shocked)
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    How the hell did you get an A prediction from a U at AS!? Thats insane!!!!! you much be really naturally clever
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    (Original post by FuLLuPMepOrtION)
    How the hell did you get an A prediction from a U at AS!? Thats insane!!!!! you much be really naturally clever
    Yeah I didn't do anything last year haha. I sat 3 maths exams in January (2 resits) and scored all A so I should be fine.
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    Economics - B
    Government & Politics - A
    History - A
    Philosophy - A
    Sociology - A

    Economics - A
    Government & Politics - A
    History - A* (this is very unlikely, A2 history is the hardest thing I've ever done -.-)
    Philosophy - A*

    Applied to read history at Oxford, Warwick, York, Sheffield and Cardiff. Rejected from Oxford post-interview, accepted at everywhere else, firmed Warwick and put York as my insurance.


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